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Basic 1x8 Posterior Denture Tooth, Kulzer

Item #: Basic8
$11.76 each

Our Basic 6/8 line of anterior and posterior prosthetic teeth offers you high-value teeth with the reliable Heraeus quality. Basic 6/8 teeth are produced in a technologically advanced injection/compression manufacturing process, called INCOMP. We also use a special multi-layering technique to guarantee lasting color stability and natural aesthetics. The compact assortment draws ensures efficient stockkeeping, due to economic arrangement of shades and shapes.

Basic 6 anterior teeth have three layers to create a natural, lifelike appearance. The enamel surface creates a deeply translucent appearance as a result of our unique manufactured layering technique. The transparent enamel layer covers the entire tooth and tapers out in the cervical area. These characteristics are achieved using the classic V-layering technology, which gives the tooth its advanced esthetic properties.

Basic 6 is suitable for both partial and full dentures, regardless of the patient's age.

The advanced benefits of the V-layering technology of Basic 6 teeth are also an integral part of the Basic 8 posterior tooth. This tooth is a two-layered functional molar for fast and easy set-up. The cusp contours ensure uniform contact for centric occlusion or excursional movement.

  • Comes in 16 Shades (A1-D4)
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