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Premium 1x8 Posterior Denture Tooth, Kulzer

Item #: Premium8
$18.81 each

With just one look, you will realize that Premium 6/8 denture teeth from Heraeus are in a class by themselves. Their distinctively natural appearance and perfect fit exceed anything previously available in dentures and compare equally to the quality available in restoratives used in esthetic dentistry.

We blend multiple layers of dentin and enamel to create a natural, lifelike effect never seen before. This blending of layers guarantees enduring color stability and long-lasting wear. It also produces a shading effect that is indistinguishable from natural teeth.

A three-dimensional multilayering technique developed by Heraeus elevates Premium 6/8 teeth beyond the distinct layering transitions of conventional denture teeth. This advanced process interlocks layers to produce a blended, translucent enamel that you would normally find only in natural teeth. Every Premium 6/8 tooth copies nature perfectly with this unique, blended layering technique.

We use CAD/CAM technology to create completely matched pairs of teeth, as well as a virtual articulator and clinical trials to ensure that Premium 6/8 teeth function like natural teeth. Bilateral digitalization guarantees that our Premium teeth provide true-to-nature occlusion. Plus, our teeth can be set up for virtually any jaw relationship and require no spot grinding by a dental technician. With our wide variety of mould designs, every set of Premium 6/8 denture teeth will articulate well and function with minimal interference.

All of our Premium teeth give accurate intercuspal relationships, superior anatomical shape and physiological function. The line is available in complete set of Vita® Classic shades. With such exceptional esthetics, Premium 6/8 denture teeth will satisfy even the most discerning patients. Patients in a recent study by the Harvard School of Dental Medicine rated their satisfaction with dentures made with Premium 6/8 denture teeth to be virtually identical to their natural teeth.
  • 100% identical pairing thanks to modern CAD/CAM manufacturing technology. This technology enables the Premium tooth line to work with the Filou 28 system.
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