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Harvest Surfactant 32oz Refill with 8oz Spray Bottle

Item #: 7061
$38.53 Each

Harvest Surfactant 32oz Refill with 8oz Spray Bottle

Bubble free models. Smooth precision castings.
Product Overview
Harvest Surfactant is an advanced debubblizer clinically designed to reduce surface tension, thus eliminating bubble formation when pouring dental model casts from impressions and investing wax patterns. Innovative Trigger Mist™ Delivery System offers ergonomic comfort and sprays an ultra-fine mist to ensure even coverage. Safe for use on all types of impression materials, including alginates, wax and hydrocolloids. Harvest Surfactant is non-contaminating and alcohol free.



  • Reduces surface tension on wax and impressions.
  • Ensures bubble free models and smooth precision castings.
  • Allows gypsum and investment to flow smoothly into all areas.
  • Guarantees consistent, accurate results.
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