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Triumph Universal Investment 130 x 100gr with 3 liquids

Item #: INTRCP100-3
$198.07 each

Triumph's reliable consistency has been achieved with the utilization of high quality components, while manufacturing, and packaging only under the strictest of batch control. Variables are closely controlled with smaller batch manufacturing procedures.

Triumph's unique “talc” type powder consistency offers extended working time, easy pouring and insures extremely smooth casting surfaces, which break out easily and cleanly.

Triumph provides absolute compatibility with all types of burnout and casting techniques:

• traditional ring
• ring-less
• traditional burnout (slow), or
• fast, rapid burnout techniques

In addition to Triumph's compatibility with differing burnout techniques, it also offers the versatility of compatibility with all types of dental casting alloys, including:

• precious metals
• semi-precious metals
• non-precious crown, bridge & ceramic alloys, and
• chrome-cobalt partial denture framework alloys
• one investment for all dental necessities!

Along with demonstrating its versatility with various alloys, Triumph has proven to be one of the most successful investments of choice for use with: 

Pressable ceramics

Pressed to metal techniques

Total versatility and compatibility!

  • Product Benefits:
  • • Reduces Inventory
  • • Increases confidence
  • • Reduces finishing time with super smooth surfaces
  • • Permits year-round shipping
  • • Provides production flexibility
  • Product Features:
  • • Triumph's carbon-free powder and its concentrated
  • • Triumph is ideal for use with “press-able ceramic” systems.
  • • Triumph is blended in smaller batches to insure a consistent, homogeneous blend of its components.
  • • The “super fine-grain” construction of Triumph produces castings and pressed ceramic copings of superior surface smoothness.
  • • The fine-grain, creamy consistency of Triumph provides extended working time of up to six minutes.
  • • Triumph can be inserted directly into a preheated oven up to 1800 degrees F (1008C); which is required by most chrome cobalt partial alloys.
  • • Reduces remakes
  • • Expands versatility
  • • Extended working Time
  • • Offers high-temperature capability
  • • Special Liquid has been formulated to accommodate and go beyond the necessary expansion for most all casting alloys used in the laboratory, including Chrome Cobalt partial alloys.
  • • Each of the individual components comprising Triumph are of the purest, highest quality available at any price and undergo a rigid quality control analysis before being accepted.
  • • Triumph will excel in all casting techniques, “rapid fire” or standard burnout: with or without the use of a metal casting ring.
  • • Triumph divests with much less effort than most investments.
  • • Triumph Special Liquid is “freeze stable!”
  • • Triumph may be inserted into a preheated oven at any time; from fifteen minutes, to hours or days after investing without controlling or adding moisture.
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